Lorem Impact, a Social Design Apprenticeship at idfive

Lorem Impact is a social design apprenticeship that will challenge you to make a positive dent in the world.

The Apprenticeship

This summer, push yourself to your creative limits—but for a good cause.

The Basics

Lorem Impact’s 10-week, full-time, paid apprenticeship is for communications, design, and web development students and professionals who want to create work that matters for clients that matter. You’ll collaborate with the leadership team and senior members at idfive to concept, produce, and deliver a comprehensive creative campaign, project, or product for a nonprofit partner.

  • Location: idfive, 81 Mosher St., Baltimore, MD 21217
  • Apprenticeship openings: 2
  • Term: June 1 to August 7, 2020.
  • Stipend: $5,000

The Ideal Candidate

Work hard. Think fast. Ask questions. Give a damn.

Humility and kindness are as much prerequisites as the classes you’ve taken or experiences you’ve garnered. We’re seeking humble, passionate people who can leash their egos and embrace the chaos of the creative process.

The Agency

Design is a transformative force for good.

The work our clients do transforms the lives of millions — from education and health to community and fundraising. Often their resources are as small as their missions are large, and that demands a creative partner who can match them, miracle for miracle. No one can move faster, create smarter, or hustle harder than our senior team of strategists, designers, anthropologists, developers, and content creators.

We believe that with a little optimism, a lot of talent, and an irrepressible drive to help make things better in the world, anything is possible.

Your Mentors
Jodi Hey
Associate Director of Client Services
Guitar-strumming, puppy mom-ing, girl with the sparkly laptop cover.

Whether serving as a creative director or an associate director of client services, Jodi brings a breadth of knowledge to her print, web, and media projects. She’s a fierce project leader with a knack for getting the job done — on budget — and having her team’s back along the way. Jodi gains the trust of her clients and makes you feel good working alongside her. And while she’ll always be upfront with you, she’s also always ready to lend a helping hand.

Courtney Glancy
Art Director
Always down for a happy hour, never a bad hair day, cat mom.

Court knows that excellent design can be a transformative tool. And with that belief, she brings unwavering dedication and a think-outside-the-box frame of mind to every project, big or small. Collaborating with Court is always a good time — where you’ll be challenged, but laugh a lot, and come out the other side with a great idea. She’s an industry veteran with the ability to create beautiful things that often speak for themselves.

Robbie Callen
Associate Director of Development
Always-knows-what’s-going-on-at-Apple, dance music and Lady Gaga fanatic.

Expertly balancing his time between idfive’s Baltimore and Medellín teams, Robbie is a talented full-stack developer who can work on both the front- and back-end of sites. And he brings an incredible amount of energy and passion to every client and project. Robbie isn’t afraid to propose a new idea or teach you something new, making him an all-around, reliable team member and leader.

Peter Toran
Lead Strategist
Pun-serving, bringing-you-the-bread-you-knead, Renaissance Man.

Peter is unequivocally the coolest person in the office. Having served in university leadership and on executive boards, Peter has a lot of experience in a lot of areas. He helps gain our clients’ trust and support from Day One. He’s also an expert on enrollment strategy and institutional branding and communications. You’ll 100 percent ask yourself, “What can this guy not do?” while getting to know Peter.

Andrew White
Associate Director of User Experience and Information Design
Italian sandwich-loving, headphones-on-head-bobbing, office Master Chef.

Andrew is the type of guy whose advice you always trust, even if you don’t know him well yet. He’s worked across many disciplines, gaining a diverse portfolio of experience that he uses to create cohesive, engaging user experiences. Andrew likes to think about how people think, and is always ready to try something new. He makes time for any question and is a big proponent of team collaboration and shared InVision boards.

Isaac Buckley
Guy who’s been through this program and came out a rockstar.

Isaac is an impressive illustrator who pays attention to human psychology in order to create empathetic, user-first design. And he’s a firm believer in visual storytelling’s unique ability to do good. There’s no denying that everyone likes Isaac — you will too. He’s a multi-talented and versatile creative who’s a lot of fun to work (or get completely off-topic) with.

How to Apply

What have you got to lose? If you’re ambitious, quirky, humble, kind, and hard-working, apply for the Lorem Impact social design apprenticeship.

2020 Applications are now closed.