Well, it is almost time to say goodbye. I can’t believe 10 weeks have already passed. My experience at idfive was nothing like what I expected but, in a good way. I heard so many stories before from various people that their internships weren’t as pleasing as they wanted them to be. I heard of people being ignored, not being involved in projects, not learning as much as they hoped, and not getting the opportunity to meet everyone at the company. My time at idfive was not like that. At all. 


On day one we got to walk around the office and meet every at the company. We got pulled into multiple projects, clients, work, teams, and components of what makes idfive. Our opinions and thoughts were always welcome and taken into consideration. There weren’t many days where we weren’t busy or involved in whatever was going on. Every day I came to the office there was something I was looking forward to. Every day felt like play day to me. I have been so entertained doing what we were doing that the few times I looked at the time, the day was already gone, and it was time to go. 


People throughout this week have been asking me how I feel now that our time here has ended. Bittersweet! And lots of mixed feelings. On one hand, I’m happy we are over. I’m happy that I gave myself the opportunity to get into this learning experience. I’m happy that I allowed myself to take my chances and leave it all for an incredible opportunity. I’m happy to have been given an opportunity from a pile of 40 awesome candidates. Happy that someone finally saw potential in me. Potential that even I started to doubt. 


On the other hand, I can’t help but feel a bit sad that I might not be able to come back. I have to start thinking about my next game plan. I can already sense some tough decisions coming my way. But, I’m not completely worried. I trust God’s plans and he probably knows my journey better than I do. He knows where I have to go and where I should be. So I’ll let him guide me over and over. 


Thank you idifve, and everyone super involved with us and our learning. Thank you for the memories and thank you for having seen something in me that no one else would. :,)

Please enjoy this photos from our Capstone Ceremony.