On Week 8 we spent most of our days being as productive as possible to create the final iterations of the Maryland Food Bank campaign. We had daily end-of-the-day check-ins with Court, one of our mentors. On Wednesday, we presented again to all our mentors. Thursday, we finalized it to present on Friday to the Maryland Food Bank representatives Jamie and Jo-Anne. We walked them through both our concepts and we explained some of our reasoning behind them 


The presentation went well but not as well as I thought it would go, but overall it all worked out fine in the end. We are very unsure about what the next steps will be since our meeting. It seemed as though the representatives needed to get another person on board to give us steps to move on. We understand that Jamie and Jo-Anne are constantly busy and trying hard to find a time to meet again to work on the next moves. 


During our eight weeks at idfive, we only met with the MFB twice. And it seems to me as if our next meeting won’t be until the open house for the apprentice program on August 6th, which will be our last week here. So I’m not sure how it will all go from here. 


Looking retrospectively at our time here at idfive, I feel torn because I wish we had had more time to work on the Maryland Food Bank project, but I am also happy that we had the time to work on a variety of other projects. We were able to spend our time to help here and there, with some production work, and other minor tasks, and all of that gave us a better perspective of what the agency world really looks like. 


From what I have come to understand, working at an agency means having to:


  • Switch in and out of various tasks and projects;
  • Have the skill to refocus after being in a meeting or being interrupted with emails or questions;
  • Be great at time management;
  • Be able to work both as independently as possible but also in a collaborative environment;
  • Overly communicate to avoid silly or minor mistakes;
  • Understand that you have a team of dedicated professionals that you can rely on for support and sharing knowledge; and
  • Always remember you are not alone. 


I guess, I’m lucky to say this was one of the best, uplifting, and positive first experience with the agency world I have had.