It’s been hard to quantify the work we’ve done for Lorem Impact. Much of it is in a slide deck. Even more is scattered across notebooks, sticky notes, Google docs, Slack messages, and emails. But most of it is stored in our brain, ready to inform our next wild bout of design thinking. We presented, wrote briefs, scrapped ideas, and did at least as much work on other various client projects at idfive. It will be difficult to condense this thought and work into a singular portfolio piece, and I don’t intend to do so here in this blog post.

That said, I’m going to post a handful of graphics anyway.

These are pieces from my social awareness brand concept for the Maryland Food Bank. To cut a robust strategy tragically short: Know Hunger appeals to young audience’s sense of activism by connecting to other social movements (mental health, civil rights, gender discrimination, etc.) It bridges a virtual campaign to the real world with cause apparel. It allows young audiences a means to make the hunger issue a part of their social identity and spread awareness. It combats bias through profiling and storytelling. It explores the opportunity of a unique and highly targeted donation page. I believe the message is at least interesting, the strategy sound, and most importantly, it was an absolute blast to create.