I’ve struggled in the past with, as my MICA teachers would put it, “locking into structure too fast.” 


I would quickly come up with a few good ideas and then run with them full-steam ahead, forgetting to experiment and refusing to ever “kill” and idea. But during my time at idfive I’ve, done the opposite. Kill Them, Kill Them, I’ve been telling myself! (not in a creepy way though ;). 


I’ve experimented with concepts, thrown away ones that weren’t working, and pushed myself way outside my comfort zone. Hell! I even tried to create an interactive game. I don’t know anything about how to do that. But I tried. And that’s all that matters to me. That I tried my best, every single day. 


Now, I’m at a place where I’m not afraid to throw out my ideas. I’m willing and able to “go the extra mile” and perfect my work. This is a feeling I haven’t experienced before. I said it before, and I’ll say it again, there is a big difference between really wanting to be somewhere and just being at a place because you have to pay the bills. I’ve been at places where people seem to be there only for the paycheck. Place where people complain, play pretend, and don’t seem to care about what they’re doing. And I remember thinking, if they don’t care, why should I?


In 8 weeks, 35 days, 280 Hours, and 16, 800 minutes at idfive, no one has made me feel like they didn’t care about the work they were doing. The most I heard was people talking about how to deal with a difficult client or how to make everything happen before a deliver or launch day — where everyone was running around trying to finalize, finalize, finalize. But even then, people here will appreciate any team members involved, give a quick slack shout out, or share a beer at the end of the day. They will talk about their project during our team lunches with a spark in their eyes. Naturally, happy. Happy about the work created and happy to simply have been apart of “small” indents in the world made by people outerly positive. People not afraid to keep on killing darlings.